Is there any software or settings that may prevent you from receiving ForMe Program promotional offers?

Security software, such as Kaspersky or other protection software, can block the tracking of "cookies" that our technology uses. The "cookies", pieces of information used by most ecommerce sites, are files stored on the hard disk allowing the browser to track the purchases and actions of the user.

If you use this type of software, you must ensure that it is configured to accept the "cookies" of ForMe Program, as well as those of partner sites. Similarly, if you are using firewall software such as Zone Alarm, Norton Internet Security, or other, you must stop the "Blocking Ads" setting.

Some commercial toolbars may redirect the purchase credit to another website, preventing you from earning cashback from some of our merchants. If such toolbars are installed in your browser, make sure they are not linked to other commercial rewards or coupon sites.

Some browsers do not allow the creation of "cookies". ForMe Program strongly recommends the use of Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Safari. Because of the large number of third-party browsers, Our team can not verify and validate, apart from those mentioned, that they work properly with its site.

The use of the "Private Browsing" parameter of a browser may at any time, during the purchase process, make your purchase invalid for the linked cashback.

Some "spyware" or "adware" spyware may report your online purchases as coming from another website and invalidate your cashback if that is the case. You can download different protection programs for free online to detect and remove spyware or adware.