How to see deals and copy code to make savings?

  1. Let’s make an example with the merchant «LINEN CHEST».
  2. If click on «SHOP» button, you’ll be directly link to website merchant, ready to shop as usual for you.
  3. By clicking the LINEN CHEST logo, you’ll have an exclusive access to deals and coupons found by the ForMe Program web extension.
  4. Click «GET COUPON» to copy the offering code, and you’ll be redirected to the merchant website.
  5. Please, make note that for some reason, there are merchants that won’t allow us to apply automatically the code at the cart. In that case, you will need to add it simply by using your CTRL-V command board.
  6. By clicking «GET DEAL», you’ll be directly link to offer product page, ready to purchase.
  7. Also, from LINEN CHEST website, by clicking ForMe extension logo, you will have access to offers, deals and coupon codes available for this merchant.
  8. Start shopping on LINEN CHEST website.
  9. Select product you want to buy and put it in your cart
  10. Ready to buy? Go back at your checkout cart and enjoy the magic!
  11. Launch the Auto Promo Code Research by Clicking Apply Coupons
  12. If coupons existing and are available, the discount will be add automatically at checkout to make you saving.